What Is Uterine Fibroid?

Fibroids are benign tumors that affect women of reproductive age. It exists commonly among women of black descent however it is seen in whites as well. The tumors grow in or outside the uterus, vary in size, and could be in multiples. It is symptomatic and the common symptoms are prolonged or heavy menstrual flows, profuse bleeding with clots, abdominal pain, tightness, or bloating in the belly. Some women do not present any symptoms at all and unknowingly live with it for years.

Most women do not seek early treatment due to the fear associated with surgery, superstition, and the myths surrounding it. But you are not alone. There are survivors to support you from diagnosis to treatment. Seek early treatment, chose the treatment option best for you, and get your life back in shape

We Aim At Partnering Across All
Sectors To

  •  Provide education on Uterine Fibroid
  • Promote national awareness
  • Support research and initiatives to
    build knowledge/data, to inform policy
    and find better treatment options
  • Advocate for the inclusion of Fibroid as
    a reproductive health care priority
  •  Advocate for annual screening for all
    women age 18 and above
  • Galvanize support for the declaration of
    July as National Fibroid Awareness

Facts About Uterine Fibroids

  •  1 in 4 women of reproductive age have
    Uterine Fibroid?
  • By age 50, as many as 70 –80% of all
    women will have fibroid?
  •  Fibroids are common among black women
    and they tend to grow faster and multiply?
  •  Countless women suffer miscarriages
    because of fibroids?
  •  Often, women suffer in silence with
    symptoms like heavy bleeding, fatigue,
    difficult conception and pregnancy, anemia,
    frequent urination, bloated stomach and
    back pain?
  •  Abnormal/ prolonged uterine bleeding leads
    to iron deficiency anemia?
  •  Fibroids causes many women to lose their
    wombs through hysterectomy?
  •  Fibroids place a financial burden on the
    women and their families?
  •  It affects the physical, mental, emotional
    the wellbeing of women?
  •  Non-surgical treatments of fibroids are

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