The Founder's Story

Elizabeth Korasare is a patient advocate who has undergone two surgeries to remove uterine fibroid. The first occurred at age 31 when she was carrying her first baby. A scan result indicated that she had multiple Uterine Fibroid which according to her doctor, would interfere with the development of her baby and therefore had to be removed together with the baby.

She was able to carry her baby to full term after she consulted another doctor who provided her with care and treatment until she delivered through cesarean section and the tumor was removed as well. 

Her second experience occurred twenty-two years after. On the day of the surgery, there were two other women with her. One was a married woman looking for a child but was at the clinic for a myomectomy, and the other woman had a C-section and a myomectomy. At the recovery ward, these women shared their ordeal with fibroid with her. It was these stories that motivated her to learn more about fibroid and its effect on motherhood and this gradually led to the establishment of the Fibroid Foundation Africa.

The foundation exists to educate and create awareness on uterine fibroid, conduct research, provide data for advocacy and policy purposes and to provide support for women seeking relief and treatment

Elizabeth is currently the CEO of Real Opportunities Network, a non-governmental organization focusing on health education on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, and non-communicable disease, Child education, livelihood, and skills training and environmental sustainability programs. As part of her work, she engages in advocacy, communication, and social mobilization activities. She is also a co-facilitator for HERD Consulting, a management and training consulting firm located in Abuja, Nigeria. HERD Consulting focuses on capacity building and organizational development for corporate bodies. She holds an MA in Theology and Mission – holistic missions and development option, BSc. Human Resource Management and a Diploma in Public Administration.

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