Fibroids- A Global Discussion



On 21st August 2021, the Global Fibroids Alliance hosted a virtual global panel discussion featuring speakers from Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Ghana, France, the UK and the US.


Panelists explored the challenges faced by women living with fibroids, how their organisations are trying to address these challenges and what is needed on a global level to improve the situation for women living with fibroids.

Panelists included:

– Joanne Ukposidolo, Co-Founder and Co-Owner, WombCare Clinic (Canada) – Korice AQ Nancis, Founder, Fibroid Awareness Trinidad and Tobago

– Shelly-Ann Weeks, Executive Director, HerFlow Foundation (Jamaica) -Jenny Rosenberg, Executive Director, CARE About Fibroids (USA)

– Imani Sorhaindo, Founder, KMT Rising (UK)

– Elizabeth Korasare, Co-Founder, Fibroid Foundation Africa – Valerie Mcken, Founder, Womb-man Wise™ Health (UK)

– Angèle Mbarga, Founder, Fibrome Info France (France) – Dr Stacey Bryan, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar and Vice-Chair of the British Caribbean Doctors and Dentists Association (UK)


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