Conquering fibroids, embracing resilience.

Fibroid Foundation Africa (FibFA) is a multistakeholder charitable organization dedicated to encouraging more conversation about uterine fibroid an overlooked, debilitating condition affecting many women in their reproductive age. It is our belief that as many people become knowledgeable and recognize the difficulty of women with fibroid, at home, at work, at school, in the community, more women will be able to receive the support.

Awareness Creation

To heighten the conversation on UF through various channels, share stories from patients and strive for increased public and stakeholder awareness explicitly on the difficulty of women living with fibroid. Galvanizing support to improve diagnosis, management, treatment and care of women with fibroids.

Research ​

To promote, develop and support emerging and existing research on Uterine Fibroids through a partnership with the medical community, the public and private sectors and academia. We aim at contributing to the discourse on UF by providing vital scientific findings to our clients, useful in the management, treatment and care of fibroid and, to drive policy advocacy.


Bleeding needlessly affects productivity, quality of life and economic wellbeing coupled with emotional health consequences that impact negatively on the development of the country. We seek to push for policies aimed at improving the reproductive health rights and health-seeking behaviour of women living with Uterine Fibroid.

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